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Lac des Vaches, French Alps

Lac des Vaches, French Alps
Lac des Vaches (Lake of Cows) is located in the Vanoise National Park in the French Alps, near the village of Pralognan-La-Vanoise.

The Power of Focused Attention

The Power of Focused Attention
We live in a multi-tasking world - just like contemporary Operating Systems evolved from a single-user, single-tasking DOS, humans have finally became multi-tasking in the 20th century. 2000 years ago Alexander the Great was the only person who could do two things at once. Today, any kid can watch TV, SMS/IM with friends, play a computer game, read/update Facebook/Tweeter, check news, eat a meal - all at the same time.

What do women think about?

A little Tokyo girl thinking
Unlike boys, girls start thinking pretty early - it is an evolutionary trait really. In a battle or a hunt the men needed to act instinctively - thinking could get you killed. Women on the other hand, had to compensate for the stupidity of men, to survive as species. That's why women, from an early age, always calculate, always plot plan for the future and generally tell men what to do.

Shanghai - Puxi skyline

a view of the Puxi skyline at night, across the river from  Pudong,
Shanghai is the largest city (proper) by population in the world, with over 23 million people (as of 2010).

The Huangpu river ("Yellow Bank River") divides the city into two regions - Pudong to its east and Puxi to the west.

The Last Leaf

The last leaf
The Last Leaf is a short sentimental story by O. Henry, first published in his book The Trimmed Lamp.


The Ostrich is the largest living species of bird, able to run at max speeds of 70 km/h (43 mph) - the fastest land speed of any bird.

Eilat Mountains

Eilat Mountains
I took this picture today, during a hike to Bodeda Ruins in Eilat Mountains, about an hour before the sunset. The black mountain on the right is Mount Solomon (705 meters). A tiny bit of the Red Sea (the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba) can be seen to the left, in front of the heizy mountains of Jordan in the background.

Somali Wild Ass

Somali Wild Ass in Yotvata, Israel
Somali Wild Ass are critically endangered species - there are less than 1000 animals in the wild.

A small group of the Somali wild ass live in the Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve in Israel, near Eilat, where this picture was taken.

The Castle of Volta Barolo

The Castle of Volta Barolo, Italy
The 13th century castle of Volta in Barolo (il castello della Volta di Barolo), seen through the vineyard, got its current name from the collapsed vault of the central hall (hence the name "Of the Vault"). According to the legend, the men and women of the court of the castle's lord, were buried by the collapse of the ceiling during a collective orgy, as the devil took possession of their souls.

The Two Towers

Two cranes near Tel Aviv
Fetishism is a very old obsession. The Neanderthals were praying to stones to bring luck in the next hunt, the ancient Egyptians got totally infatuated with the pyramids... Finally, in 1927, Sigmund Freud have explained that the fetish is a substitute for penis. For many people this was a profound realization, which caused them to put their fetishes away and instead concentrate on revolutions and wars. However, not everyone had the will power to dedicate their life to bigger causes, so fetishism simmered under the surface, until the blogging have emerged in the late 1990s.


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