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Farewell, Faro

Faro, warming up on a stove
Our friend, Faro, has passed away.

Cat Kung Fu

Faro deals a killing blow to Dexter
Faro, the Sphynx on the right, is a master of Baritsu, which he often practices with his pillow friend and brother in arms, Dexter.

The Power of Focused Attention

The Power of Focused Attention
We live in a multi-tasking world - just like contemporary Operating Systems evolved from a single-user, single-tasking DOS, humans have finally became multi-tasking in the 20th century. 2000 years ago Alexander the Great was the only person who could do two things at once. Today, any kid can watch TV, SMS/IM with friends, play a computer game, read/update Facebook/Tweeter, check news, eat a meal - all at the same time.

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