Brush of Light

A brush of light of Jerusalem
Last week, after I dropped the kids at their school in Jerusalem, I decided to stop at Mount Scopus on the way to work, in my never-ending quest for interesting lighting and dramatic skies.

Stone Curlews

A couple of Stone Curlews
About a year ago, when I came to work after the Passover vacation, I noticed a couple of Stone Curlews (a.k.a. Dikkops or Thick-knees, Burhinus oedicnemus, Авдотка, כרוון מצוי) in the middle of Actelis parking lot. I had my camera with me, so I took a few pictures. Strangely the birds were reluctant to leave the parking lot, running away from me, but not flying.

Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra

Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra, Portugal
Castelo dos Mouros (The Castle of the Moors) is a medieval castle in the municipality of Sintra, Portugal. The castle was constructed during the period of Arab occupation of the Iberian peninsula (8-9 century) and taken by Christian forces during the 2nd Crusade (12th century).

Cat Kung Fu

Faro deals a killing blow to Dexter
Faro, the Sphynx on the right, is a master of Baritsu, which he often practices with his pillow friend and brother in arms, Dexter.

Steppe Buzzard

Steppe Buzzard
A portrait of a Steppe Buzzard, from a birdwatching trip around Eilat mountains I took in Apr 2009 with my son.

Sunset over the Pacific

A tree silhouette against a sunset over Pacific ocean, San Francisco, CA
Skylining is a photo technique utilizing a "contra light" of a dimly lit sky, usually at sunset or sunrise, with a completely black foreground, forming an interesting artificial horizon or a "skyline".

Basking in the sun

Hippodrome of Caesaria, Israel
This one is from June 2010, taken at the hippodrome of Caesaria, Israel. The 2000 years old hippodrome was built by Herod for the Roman chariot races.

SFO - Reflections

The city of San Bruno, CA with SFO reflected
This is a reflection of the San Francisco International Airport (IATA code: SFO) in the windows of an office building. A city of San Bruno can be seen on the left, with the big United Air Lines maintenance hangar, situated in the middle of the reflection.

Car and Girl

Jaguar E-type, Paris, France
I never quite understood that need to adorn the pictures of new cars with beautiful women. Is it supposed to make men think that owning the car would make them more attractive to said women or is it just a way to sneak pictures of half-dressed women into car magazines?

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge
The Columbia River Gorge, looking upstream from Chanticleer Point - the first viewpoint on the Historic Columbia River Highway when traveling east, away from Portland, OR.


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