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St. George's Monastery

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Monastery of Saint George of Choziba, hanging of a cliff in Prat river (biblical Perath, also known as wadi Qelt), near Jericho, was started in the fourth century by a few monks, who settled around a cave where they believed the profet Elijah was fed by ravens.

The place was later reorganised as a monastery by John of Thebes, a.k.a. St. John of Choziba, who dedicated it to the virgin Mary.

The monastery was destroyed by the Persians in 614, who killed all 14 monks living there, and then rebuilt by the Crusaders before falling derelict, after the arab conquest of Israel. It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century, when a Greek monk Kalinikos, started renovating the monastery to resemble its former glory.

Today there are still a few Greek Orthodox monks who inhabit the monastery, hence the Greek flag you can see flying in the monastery grounds.

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