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Lungo il Tevere

Daily Pic: 

Lungo il Tevere (lit. Along the Tiber) is a summer festival in Rome with restaurants, bars and shops popping up underneath multiple white tents along the Tiber River. The festival also includes free musical and theatrical performances as well as antique and contemporary art displays.

I had just a couple of hours to take pictures at the end of my last day of a very busy business trip to Telecom Italia. I took a cab to Ponte Sant'Angelo, hoping to catch the sun setting down behind the Vatican from the bridge, and only then discovered the festivities along the river banks. The sunset was unimpressive, but the white bancarelle tents provided an interesting fill for the usually boring right bank of the Tiber, when looking from Ponte Umberto I.

Waiting for the darkness to fall I tasted the Italian falafel Polpette di ceci (lit. chickpeas "meatballs"), followed by some icecream at the Gelateria del Teatro and then returned to the Umberto I bridge to have this great night view on the Sant'Angelo bridge and Basilica San Pietro across the Tiber.

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