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Canis and Gallus

Daily Pic: 

Serial photography is becoming a prevailing theme among the artsy photographers - at any contemporary photo exhibition at least half the pictures are grouped in series. If you can't take a great picture, take a hundred mediocre ones, but with the same kind of subject, and suddenly you are a deep and clever artist, telling a "story". It also helps that humans love to search for patterns, and most repetitive patterns have mesmerizing effect on us, which is cleverly exploited by wall paper manufacturers and popular music performers.

While taking pictures for the 2015 JSPCA Calendar I too decided to dabble in the serial photography, selecting the dog and the chicken as my theme, simply because I have a plentiful access to both.

Here is the modest beginning of my Canis Lupus Familiaris and Gallus Gallus Domesticus series, which I'm planning to expand and eventually show at some pretentious photo exhibition.

I would appreciate if you could suggest funny titles for the pictures, the winning ones would be published and duly attributed.

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