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Bright future for England

Daily Pic: 

About a year ago I visited Windsor Castle - one of the official residences for the British Royal Family and Queen's principal weekend retreat.

As I was leaving the castle I noticed a young woman, dressed in a typical Victorian style. She was looking with an inscrutable emotion at a muslim couple - the man, dressed in a traditional white thawb, was taking a picture of the castle with his iPhone; the woman, in a black jilbab, most probably was not allowed to have a phone...

The combination of colors (white, blue, black), the hidden irony of the situation (historical costume vs. "modern" clothing) and an allusion to the current islamic conquest of Europe (muslims in the heart of the "British Empire") - all screamed "great photo". Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a properly framed and exposed picture. Street photography requires quick reflexes - sadly, I'm a sloth (max ground speed of a three-toed sloth is 2 meters per min).

My biggest weakness as a photographer is that my pictures usually lack a "story". I hope this one would count towards my redemption.

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