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Bollywood represents the whole of Indian cinema for the most people outside of India. However, while it is the largest Indian film production center in Hindi, there are dozens of film centers all over India, producing movies in 22 official languages plus additional Indian languages with a large speaker base (there are 1635 mother tongues in India according to 2011 census).

On my recent trip to Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, I stumbled across a movie set at the Bangalore Palace. I could not understand the story in Kannada, but befriended the photographers on the set. We compared the lenses, talked about advantages of tilt-and-shift in cinematography, and took some pictures.

Above is one of the pictures from that day. The most surprising thing for me was that after a week in India I stopped thinking that Indian cinema is "larger than life". The colors and fabrics you see on the screen simply reflect the real clothes you see some of the people wearing on the street.

Check out these two women in their work "coveralls":

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