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Sgt. Max Steinberg

Daily Pic: 

Sgt. Max Steinberg, a sniper in the elite Golani Brigade, was one of 13 Israeli soldiers killed in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Originally from California's San Fernando Valley, Max volunteered to join the force after visiting Israel for the first time on a Birthright Israel trip.

I generally dislike big groups of people and try to stay away from demonstrations, rallies and sport events. However yesterday, when a call spread on the news and social networks to attend the funeral of a "lone soldier" killed in Gaza, I decided to go, to show my support for the IDF soldiers, protecting our country from a vicious enemy.

I had a feeling that lots of people may come, but didn't expect 30,0000 people, most of whom never knew Max. The military cemetery on mount Herzl in Jerusalem was packed so tightly, I could not even see the bereaved family, all I saw was a sea of people, who came to pay their final respect, express their sorrow for the fallen soldiers and solidarity with the country.

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