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Chechen mark on Israel

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Abu Ghosh is an Arab Israeli village, 10 min drive from Jerusalem, famous for its hummus, history and neutrality towards the state of Israel. During the war of Independence, the mukhtar of Abu Ghosh, feuding with the other arab villages in the area, "had a perspective for the future" and decided to ally with the Jews. That decision definitely paid off - today hundreds of Israelis and tourists come to the village's many restaurants, especially on Shabbat, when all Jewish restaurants in Jerusalem are closed.

One of the local legends, claiming that the first Abu Ghosh family who settled here in 16th century was of Circassian decent, somehow caught the ear of a former Chechen warlord, looking to launder some money in Israel. Realizing a money-laundering potential, our warlord shared the story of a lost "Chechen" tribe with Adam Delimkhanov, the right hand and cousin of the Chechen supreme leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a small-time bandit turned president on a whim of Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov, always on the lookout for the ways to demonstrate his greatness, wisdom and extreme importance to the world, decided that Abu Gosh residents are in the dire need of a new mosque.

Since Allah personally hands the money down to Kadyrov (the peace in the Chechen republic, with population of 1.3M, costs Russian federal budget between $10B and $16B a year), the mosque was completed in in a record 3 years in March 2014, at a cost of $10M.

Named after Ramzan Kadyrov's father, a former Chief Mufti and Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, assassinated in 2004, the new mega-mosque is the second-largest mosque in Israel after Al-Aqsa, accommodating 3K people, which is about half of the total population of Abu Ghosh.

So now, every child in the village knows about Chechnya - the land of forefathers, where money grows on trees and the supreme leader Kadyrov gives out five-kilo lumps of gold to every newlywed couple. Adam Delimkhanov, head of the Chechen-Israeli "project", member of the Russian State Duma, wanted by Dubai for orchestrating a murder, is a new role model for the youth, equally revered by the elders.

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