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Farewell, Faro

Daily Pic: 

Our friend, Faro, has passed away.

7 years ago, some horrible people abandoned him at the animal shelter and my wife brought him home, fearing he'd be freezing at night. He instantly became her favorite, with his timid demeanor, inquisitive nature and high body temperature.

Faro was an exemplary Sphynx, who are known for their intelligence, curiosity, and affection for their owners. He roamed the house as a ghost, always on the lookout for tasty food to support his heightened metabolism, and warm places to minimize the loss of the body heat. Our dogs have never identified him as a cat, completely baffled by his alien looks and a total lack of fear.

Even I, a famous animal hater, secretly liked him, jokingly calling him fat and ugly. He of course knew it was just a macho facade.

My poor wife misses him terribly and Dexter, our other Sphynx and Faro's pillow friend, keeps looking for him all over the house.

Faro was a family member, he touched our hearts and we will always love and remember him. Rest in piece, dear friend.

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