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Stone Curlews

Daily Pic: 

About a year ago, when I came to work after the Passover vacation, I noticed a couple of Stone Curlews (a.k.a. Dikkops or Thick-knees, Burhinus oedicnemus, Авдотка, כרוון מצוי) in the middle of Actelis parking lot. I had my camera with me, so I took a few pictures. Strangely the birds were reluctant to leave the parking lot, running away from me, but not flying.

The next day, when I came to work, the crazy couple was still there, with the female sitting on two eggs!

The birds probably decided on the spot for the nest and laid the eggs during the holidays, when the parking lot was absolutely empty.
I can imagine their shock when all the cars started arriving in the morning, but by then it was too late to move - the eggs were already laid.

Some guys from Actelis surrounded the nest with stones, to make sure no vehicle accidentally drove over it.

The chicks hatched in 4 days. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take their pictures - they were hiding in the grass on the edge of the parking lot and the parents became very agitated whenever I tried to get closer. The whole family disappeared over the next weekend.

I wonder if they'll show up again this year? I guess we'll know on Tue...

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