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Car and Girl

Daily Pic: 

I never quite understood that need to adorn the pictures of new cars with beautiful women. Is it supposed to make men think that owning the car would make them more attractive to said women or is it just a way to sneak pictures of half-dressed women into car magazines?

When I see a car advertisement like that I always think - what design fault are they trying to hide?

Women buy just as many cars as men today, unless you live in one of the more "progressive" countries, like Saudi Arabia. It would only be fair to see an ad for a pink MINI Cooper Cabriolet with a muscular guy, lovingly stroking its posterior...

The car in the picture, taken in May 2012 in Paris, is Jaguar E-type, produced between 1961 and 1974 and famously called by Enzo Ferrari "the most beautiful car ever made". I guess Jaguar was preparing promo shots for the introduction of the Jaguar F-type at the Sep 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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