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Winter is coming

Daily Pic: 

Snow is a very rare thing in Jerusalem - most winters it does not snow at all, and there is never more than a few days of snow. Today Jerusalem was hit by the worst snowstorm in the last 20 years. For some of you 20 cm (8 inches) of snow would simply go unnoticed. In Jerusalem it is a big deal. There are just a couple of snow plows for the whole city, keeping only the main roads clean, nobody has winter tires or chains, and none of the people born in Israel know how to drive on snow/ice, especially on the hilly terrain of Jerusalem. All the roads in and out of the city were blocked, the schools and kindergartens canceled and the public was asked to refrain from using private vehicles. The kids of course had a great time playing in the snow.

This is a view of the old city from the Mount of Olives, about an hour before the sunset. I was waiting for a glimpse of sun, but was forced to leave by the intensifying rain mixed with hail.

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