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Trebic, Czech Republic

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Trebic is a small town in the Moravian highlands of the Czech Republic, famous for its well preserved Jewish Quarter (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), which you can see in the picture.

The Jews started settling in Trebic in the 13th century. As usual, they co-existed with their Christian Czech neighbours, in their very own nice compact ghetto, locked between the Basilica of St. Procopius, seen in the background, the mountain and the river. The co-existence ended with the arrival of Nazis in 1942, who relocated the Jews of Trebic to a concentration camp.

After the war the communist government wanted to pull down the empty decaying houses of the Jewish Quarter and build some large prefabricated buildings, however they ran out of money and the demolition was put on hold. In 2003 the quarter was listed as the world heritage site, and the locals started moving in, repairing the houses in the process.

Today you can see some 120 Renaissance and Baroque houses, including two synagogues, a town hall, a rabbi's house - all nicely restored and completely Judenfrei.

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