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The Power of Focused Attention

Daily Pic: 

We live in a multi-tasking world - just like contemporary Operating Systems evolved from a single-user, single-tasking DOS, humans have finally became multi-tasking in the 20th century. 2000 years ago Alexander the Great was the only person who could do two things at once. Today, any kid can watch TV, SMS/IM with friends, play a computer game, read/update Facebook/Tweeter, check news, eat a meal - all at the same time.

We are expected to perform many different tasks in the same short period of time, and we do it ... terribly. We cannot focus on too many things at once - everything becomes "foggy", preventing us from thinking clearly and acting fast. Confucius used to say "If you chase two rabbits, you catch none". However our society cannot accept that simple truth, so it invents a medical condition called ADD and then forces our children to take drugs, which appear to make them more attentive.

Great athletes/scientists/artists/engineers and cats have one common trait - they can focus their attention on a single task at hand and keep it focused for a long time.

Next time your mind wanders, remember this cat and focus - and you will be able to split thick wooden boards with your gaze.

BTW, this cat's name is Chuck Purris.

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