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Daily Pic: 

Superga is a famous hill overlooking Turin, home to the Basilica of Superga, and the site of the 1949 Superga air disaster, in which almost the entire Torino A.C. football team has perished.

This view was the 1st thing in the morning I saw coming out of my hotel in Sassi (suburb of Turin). I snapped the picture right from the door of the hotel and continued on my photo-walk, thinking how I would improve this picture tomorrow morning, using tripod, filters etc.

As usual with my hopes, everything was covered with fog the next day, I could not even make out the Basilica on top of the hill.

Oh well, one day I will learn to grab the opportunity, the problem would always be in its recognition...

Here is the close-up of Basilica of Superga. You can get on top of the hill in a car (5 min) or take a special mountain train (20 min).

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