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The Two Towers

Daily Pic: 

Fetishism is a very old obsession. The Neanderthals were praying to stones to bring luck in the next hunt, the ancient Egyptians got totally infatuated with the pyramids... Finally, in 1927, Sigmund Freud have explained that the fetish is a substitute for penis. For many people this was a profound realization, which caused them to put their fetishes away and instead concentrate on revolutions and wars. However, not everyone had the will power to dedicate their life to bigger causes, so fetishism simmered under the surface, until the blogging have emerged in the late 1990s.
Now every single fetish could have a dedicated blog, with a growing vibrant community to discuss the object of passion.
There are blogs about stones, pyramids, cars, food, shoes and of course cameras and lenses.

Crane Blogger is dedicated to... cranes (lifting machines). Every year they host a photo contest, check out 2012 Great Crane Photo Contest.

I took this picture of the two tower cranes in Tel Aviv, in hopes of winning some prize (e.g. a Liebherr model crane).
Should I submit it?

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