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A Mid-Autumn Day's Dream

Daily Pic: 
After investing a substantial sum in photo equipment and traveling around for a few years with a heavy backpack, containing some of that equipment, I've decided to start sending one picture a day, mainly to prove to myself that my investment was not wasted.

I can't promise to keep up with the daily procedure - some days I'd be too busy, sick or off-line. Consider it a daily hello from me.

Your critical comments are welcome. Please reply to me if you want to be taken off the list.

About cameras and picture resolution - I have Canon 5D mk2 and mk3, with 21Mpix and 22Mpix censor. I use 16:9, 4:3, 3:2 and 2:3 ratios, resizing it to 1366x768, 1400:1050, 1200x800 and 640x960 pixels respectively. This choice of resolutions is determined by the screen resolution of various devices I use (laptop, monitor, iPhone). If you like a particular picture and want it in a different resolution simply send me an email.

With this short intro, I'd like to present the daily picture #1: A Mid-Autumn Day's Dream

I took this picture in Turin, at Piazza San Carlo, during my last business trip to Italy.

It's 2pm local time, about the time when hard-working Italians take their riposo (Italian Siesta), while hungry businessmen and clueless tourists look for an open restaurant. Note that people are reading paper books - how decadent is that?

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